Android App-Aholics Anonymous: Zoner AntiVirus

App: Zoner AntiVirus

Developer: ZONER, Inc.

Price: Free

App-Aholic Rating: 5/5


As with anything good in this world, there comes along with it something bad. In my articles, I frequently mention how technology has changed our lives, making once arduous tasks simple, and sometimes, fun. But with the technological boom comes danger. There are people out there that create malware, viruses, to infiltrate our devices and steal personal information or to inflict damage. Because of this imminent danger, it is important that we take steps to protect our equipment, and ourselves. This is where antivirus software steps in. It protects us from such malware so that we can enjoy our PC’s, Macs, Androids, and iPhones. Accompanying the rise of superphones is the threat of malware infection of said phones. We surf the net and download apps, just like on any computer, so the danger of malware is always present with phones. The app I’m reviewing today gives us a powerful weapon against these types of attacks. Zoner AntiVirus is free, and it is a great app to have to keep your phone safe from intrusion. It gives protection against all types of malware, such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, and adware. This app allows you to scan your device, the SD card, and device files for any type of malware. To implement these scans is as easy as a tap on your screen. The Zoner app goes much further than antivirus protection, however. If your phone is lost or stolen, it allows you to locate your phone via SMS messages. It will also notify you if your SIM card has been changed. It also has a feature that allows you to block calls and texts from any number. A big plus, in my opinion, of this app is that it automatically scans every app you download for anything malicious. This app has a task manager feature as well. All of these features may seem like it makes the app complicated. Trust me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The app’s interface makes it so easy to protect your phone. It is simple and straightforward, giving you peace of mind that your device is protected. Let me tell you, many of these antivirus apps are little more than gimmicks, but Zoner AntiVirus has detected and removed malware from my personal phone, so I will always download this app on any Android phone I own. The simplicity of use, the amount of protection you get, and the many features available, make this app a must have. You can never go wrong with free, quality protection, right?


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