Mash-Up! It’s The Rage


HULK vs Atrocitus: A battle for the rages. Who is the ragiest of them all? Who wins in a one-on-one showdown, no holds barred, knock ’em down drag ’em out, fight to the finish? The Green Giant or the Lord Of the Red Lanterns? One’s from the Marvel uni, and the other DC. Hulk weighs in at a wopping 12oo lbs, stands 12′ feet tall with a ’72 in. reach. He gets stronger the angrier you make him. His one and only power is super strength, but it might just be the maximum limit of super strength. Atrocitus is only 6’5, wieghing in at 350 lbs of pure muscle and hate, with a 42′ in. reach with out using a power ring. With a power ring his reach is as far as his mind can conjure up. The trap is et, here comes the net.

In a straight head to head fight, HULK smashes the holy eff out of Atrocitus on no seconds flat. Not only is he bigger and stronger but he wouldn’t mess around. HULK just smashes. One giant fist knuckles down onto the Red Lantern, washing away all his hopes for vengeance. Ryut’s last son goes the way of the dodo. Or maybe HULK does a graceful double fisted SMASH, reducing the lantern to more of a red smear on the pavement. I personally feel a two-handed hammer fist, which causes Atrocitus to explode in a fleshy construct-like pattern (not so much construct-like as rorschach test-like). HULK is just too bad ass. If a boom tube caused Atrocitus to stray over to the Marvel universe and he got into an angry shouting match with Bruce Banner, with no back up from the Red Crew, he’s toast.

The leader of the Red Lantern Corps only hope is in his ability to fly and travel in space. HULK smashes through any construct in his way and red vomit might burn off those ever expanding purple shorts, but HULK can not fly. He can jump. And once air born he’s victim to momentum. A smart Atrocitus beats him from above, dodging HULK’s jumps at him and maybe spitting his burning rage all over HULK’s back as he flies through the air with no control.

Truthfully though, I got to give this to Atrocitus. I know people won’t like it, and I can hear people shouting “WHAT?!?” right now. Them’s the breaks. HULK has rage. I get it. We all get it. He might be the strongest there is and maybe he’s beaten Black Bolt and Thor and once held a planet together with his bare hands, but he’s only strong.

I also don’t care what you say, rage has a limit. I’ve heard a million of my friends talk about how HULK has no limit to his strength because there is “no limit to rage”. What do you mean there’s no limit to rage! You get white hot blind with rage and anger, then its done. You can’t turn this one up to 11, then 12, then 13. At a certain point how is he even getting angrier? If we’re comparing just rage, Atroc wins again. His rage has lasted for a millinia, it doesn’t come and go.

The short and skinny is this. If they were real beings and encountered each other, Atrocitus is still intelligent and can use his powers strategically. As long as he can avoid that first SMASH it’s all over. Grab HULK from behind and set him adrift slowly in space. I guess technically that’d be a stale mate. I don’t think he could kill HULK, but he could definitely control the fight and prevent himself from losing. Even if the Other Guy lunged haphazardly skywayrd at a flying Atrocitus, HULK is victim to momentum and can only move forward as fast as he can jump. Atrocitus should be able to not only move but alter HULK’s flight with constructs, steering him toward whatever he wanted. Which should always be space. HULK may be able to survive the atmosphere of space for a while but he’d still need oxygen eventually. He doesn’t live on starlight.

Wish he may, wish he might, but float in the endless black void of space is all he gets this fight. Atrocitus wins.

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  1. Ok here’s how your wrong, First off Atrocitus Powers
    Berserker Strength
    Blast Power
    Blood Control
    Fire Control
    Flame Breath
    Force Field
    Power Item
    Super Speed
    Super Strength
    Unarmed Combat

    Now Hulk Powers
    Astral Projection
    Berserker Strength
    Energy Absorption
    Shape Shifter
    Super Speed
    Super Strength
    Unarmed Combat
    Weapon Master
    So no hulk has far more powers than simple rage, and Atrocitus also has far more than a ring and some rage.

    Atrocitus. After the Genocide of his people, he blindly sought revenge on the Guardians, torturing and killing several, as well as killing indiscriminately if it meant furthering his goals.Atrocitus’ pure and undying rage over the destruction of his homeworld, and the slaughter of his family allowed him to become the first Red Lantern. He cemented his power by Christening his Red Lantern in the blood of his fellow Inversion, Qull. Breakdown will go to any length to win his goals. Now i admit i’m not a huge fan of DC. And i might be biased, but id give it to hulk. Hers why.

    First just looking at Feats of strength
    1 Gladiator, Marvel’s basic equivalent to Superman, is unbeatable as long as he has his confidence. In the annual, a villain from outer space has disguised himself as the newly discovered son of Bruce Banner. When Gladiator comes to get him, the Hulk, not knowing the boy is an alien, fights Gladiator. The two fight hard against each other until Gladiator uses eye beams and blows a hole in the Hulk’s chest, all the way to his heart. With the beams still hitting him, the Hulk walks up to Gladiator and blocks the beams, causing Gladiator to get feedback and collapse. The Hulk throws Gladiator into a nuclear plant, causing him even more pain. He then continues to beat Gladiator up with no resistance.

    2 Occurrence: Marvel Comics Presents # 52

    Three young aliens are playing a game in outer space and knock an asteroid twice the size of Earth into a collision path with it. The Hulk, with the help of a antimagnetic jet pack, launches into space and destroys the asteroid with a single punch.

    3 Occurrence: Secret Wars #4

    In the Secret Wars, the Beyonder takes a number of villains and heroes from Earth and put them on a planet to fight. During one of the early battles, a 150 billion ton mountain is dropped on the heroes and the Hulk is able to hold up the entire mountain by himself until they figure out how to get out.

    4 Occurrence: Tales to Astonish #73

    Before sending the Hulk off to the Watcher’s planet, the Leader tests the Hulk’s strength. He doesn’t have any equipment that can even come close to measuring the Hulk’s strength. He also uses electrodes, freezing temperature, and high velocity, all to no effect.

    5 Occurrence: The Incredible Hulk #102

    The Hulk is in a heavy battle with the Red King on the planet Sakaar and when the Red King senses he is going to lose, he triggers a mechanism which causes the planet’s plates to start to rip apart. The Hulk jumps down into the hole with the lava where the main split is and by sheer strength alone, pulls the plates back together and prevents the planet from ripping apart.

    And my last argument for now is he is Adaptive, if something doesn’t work he doesn’t stick to smashing. I is his first choice,not his only weapon.

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