Bin Fodder: The Authority – Part 1


For comic fans my age 1999 was something of a golden age.  Transmetropolitan was going strong, Planetary came out and stunned the world with amazing stories followed shortly by The Authority.


The Authority is a spin-off of sorts.  Birthed from the pages of Stormwatch with carry-over character; Jenny Sparks, et al.  This first four issue arc introducing the characters and their presence in the Wildstorm Universe sets Warren Ellis apart as one of the best writers of his time.


These issues are dark, compelling and intense.  They tell the tale of characters set apart from heroes; because they’re not heroes…not yet.


Jenny Sparks: team lead, power of electricity, a century baby, the spirit of the 20th century.  Apollo – Sun King, super speed, strength, flight.  Midnighter – Batman…with an edge, pure fighter with more speed and strength than he needs to kick your ass.  Jack Hawksmoor – God of the Cities, he’s literally connected to urban areas; probably the only hero that would die in forest alone.  Swift – Winged Warrior, she flies, she’s sexy, she likes fighting.  The Doctor – Earth’s Shaman, his knowledge has been passed down through millennia of those Shaman that have come before; he’s also a drug addict who barely believes in any of this shit.  The Engineer – also sexy, also likes fighting, traded in her blood for a liquid nanotechnology designed to help her control…well, anything.

Trust me when I tell you, even that description doesn’t do this team justice.


The first storyline pits the world against a madman; Kaizen Gammora.  His insane scheme?  Cut a swath of destruction into the face of the planet to match the symbol used by his clan.


His plan fails, of course.  The world’s heroes wouldn’t be heroes if they let criminals win on such a massive scale.  And one thing you can always count on is that the villains won’t get a pass or be carted off to some padded cell to eventually escape from.  No.  He dies, and in damn dramatic fashion, but with little fanfare and a cheesy line; classic.


For an opening salvo of issues and character introductions this arc provides is second to none.  Where can it go from here?  Check back next week to find out!


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This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.


Placebo – Pure Morning, Relient K – When I Go Down, PlayRadioPlay – I am a Pirate, You are a Princess, Old 97s – Jagged, Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Rich, 30 Seconds to Mars – Savior, Dishwalla – Above the Wreckage, From First to Last – Worlds Away, The Junior Varsity – Strung Hard, Daft Punk – Derezzed, Bright Eyes – When the Curious Girl Realizes she is Under Glass

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