Eight Geeks To Rule Them All

??It’s friday night??… more lyrics from the 90’s TGIF theme. Now cue the Tanners and Winslows, Well obviously someone forgot to bring the stock footage of 90’s TV shows that sucked. I’ll drum up a list instead, that hopefully doesn’t suck.

I was thinking about Brian Posehn earlier. I think of him a lot for some reason. I segwayed into thoughts of other geeks who seem to lead the way for the rest of us. The titans of the geek community that cameo in all of our favorite comic themed films, and make all of our favorite web shows, and podcast our favorite geek news. If there was a realm of Geekdom who would be, and maybe already has been, crowned the 8 kings or queens of the land. The shining beacons of sub pop who influence and spread the word. Did you know some people don’t even recognize who the reverend was in Fantastic Four 2, or that Jim Parsons played human Walter in the The Muppets? These things exist only for a few and we recognize them for a reason. So here’s a list of the eight most influential geeks of geek culture.

8. Kevin Smith-as much as I wouldn’t want to hand keys to the kingdom to Kevin Smith, he deserves it. The owner of the Secret Stash comic shop and creator of Jay and Silent Bob and all their hits is in all reality a geek culture icon. He really should be higher on the list. He’s not as funny as I once thought. Even though the ideas behind Dogma are genius and Malrats was uber inventive and seemed to speak to my 15-year-old self, that’s the key to it all right there. Rewatching Chasing Amy, I’m not sure what changed but they don’t have the same voice. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks 2 are awful. He’s still Kevin Smith though, and he broke the mold reshaping how nerds from the 90’s saw things. He helped usher nerdom to the mainstream. Number 8, Kevin Smith.

7. Donald Glover- Childish Gambino is new to the scene, but with his nerdy rap career, his role on Community, stand-up, and going by the cameo rule (he’s in The Muppets) Donald Glover is definately worthy of the list. He might have deserved a spot behind Kevin Smith. You can switch them in your mind. New to the scene or not, Tina Fey had enough faith in him to hire him on 30 Rock and that’s good enough. And have you seen Troy with Abed?! It’s the funniest duo in history!



6. Jack Black- I was torn on this one. He’s definitely a more recognizable celebrity than some other geeks in the kingdom. Tenacious D and Brutal Legend alone earn him his geek title(He’d throw a fit if he wasn’t made at least a lord in the geek kingdom). After much debate though, giving him a slot at number six. Just because his fame plugs him more into the mainstream (and he did do that romantic comedy) I’m not going to deny his influence over millions of geeks everywhere rocking Tenacious D while rolling 20 sided die in a basement discussing illegal moves and dragons.


5. NPH- Neil Patrick Harris started out over 20 years ago playing a geek on Doogie Howser MD. He’s been influencing nerds for over two decades. He cameos his ass off in a billion things, he was Dr Horrible in Dr Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, the Music Meister in Batman B&B, and Nightwing in Under The Red Hood (the best Batman movie ever made). He’s also gay, which makes this list diverse. For his constant stream of geeky influences from Harold and Kumar to Harold and Kumar 2, Doogie wins the five spot.


4. Tina Fey- she’s more than just one of the 8 hottest female geeks (see our list in older posts), and probably knows that’s not an accordion in her hands, she’s the fourth most influential geek of today. She brought SNL back around from an era of unfunny and created the hit show 30 Rock. Liz Lemon is partially modeled after he own life and from what I’ve read in Bossy Pants she’s more than just an awkward nerd on TV, she’s one in real life.


3. Chris Hardwick- currently standing in for Kevin Perriera on Attack of the Show and former room mate to child star/uber nerd Will Weaton, Chris Hardwick has a long list of credits earning him his slot in the influential list. He hosts a podcast called the freakin’ Nerdist for jeebus sake. Hopefully he brings that Talking Dead back for a full Walking Dead review this July when it returns for a sneak peak. The Talking Dead is one of his best credits, a geek show dedicate exclusively to showcasing another geek show.

2. Felicia Day- she’s new to the geek community as well, but for the last two or three years she has dominated everything geek. Currently one of the bigest plot points in Syfy’s Eureka, her web series The Guild encompasses MMORPG life and the nerds that surround it so well for some it has to be like looking into a mirror (a weird mirror that makes you look like a sexy red head). She runs a popular youtube channel, Geek and Sundry, and runs with the biggest Geeks in the land. If we’re putting together a kingdom I swear an oath to the Queen of Geek Felicia Day.

1. Seth Green- he’s been voicing Chris Griffin for the past few years. Since Steven King’s IT this crazy ginger geek has been popping in and out of everything geek. He played the werewolf OZ in Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is the driving force behind Robot Chicken. I know some of you might have issues with falling in line under Seth Green’s rule as Geek King. But he’s earned this title through sheer creativeness and the ability to only land nerdy roles since childhood. If we’re going to crown someone let it be him. So say we all.


There’s the list. It might have us under the tyrannical thumb of two fiery red heads and it may be destined for urserping, but it’s what we got.


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