Rambler Don at the G.I.Joe Convention

Yo! Joe! Everyone!

Happy late Saturday night everyone, I have spent the last week down here in New Orleans for the 2012 G.I.Joe Convention or JoeCon as it usually gets styled as. It has been a fun time for the most part. The convention runs until Sunday but most of it is over by this point. As you read this tonight it is winding down.

The best part of any convention is coming down to see all the folks you see every time. It is always great to see what others are up to and how they have been since last year. This year is my 3rd year here and people are starting to think I have always been there.

The convention was a little less organized than usual. Very messy as for as lines and just anything in general, after talking to some club folks it becomes apparent they aren’t happy either. The problem started with this year’s location being a last minute decision. New Orleans had been selected but issues arose with the originally intended venue. Where we ended up this year is far from any top choice as far as anyone was concerned. This is by no means the venues fault. This place just isn’t intended for this kind of event.

The convention exclusive toys this year were awesome for 3 ¾ collectors as it all revolved around the famous Oktober Guard. The 12inch set was so-so.

Hasbro didn’t have a lot to really show off this year or anything much they could comment on because the wise people at Paramount pushing the movie out. This really ruined the plans of so many things. You can tell no one is happy about this. It also became evident that Hasbro knows the Battleship movie was a disaster.

All in all not a bad vacation to get away from it all and have some fun. I found some toys I needed, got to meet some new people and had a lot of fun. See ya all when I see ya!

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