Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo announced the release of  the 3DS XL and they will be shipping in a matter of weeks, but what are the specifics of Nintendo’s new hardware update.

How much will it cost and when can we buy it:

Where When How Much
America Aug-19  $       199.99
UK Jul-28  £       179.99
Japan Jul-28  ¥  18,900.00

What colours:

America UK Japan
Red  Yes  Yes  Yes
Blue  Yes  Yes  No
Silver/Grey  No  Yes  Yes
White  No  No  Yes


People say size doesn’t matter, but in this case size is everything so lets just see how 3DS XL measures up to its predecessor:

Original 3DS Width: 135mm Top Screen: 3.53 inch Bottom Screen: 3.02 inch Weight: 230g Battery Life: 3 – 5 hours

3DS XL Width: 155 mm Top Screen: 4.88 inch Bottom Screen: 4.18 inch Weight: 336 g  Battery Life: 3.5 – 6.5 hours


What does it come with:

The 3DS XL will come with a 4GB SD card instead of the prior 2GB that you got with the 3DS.

However the 3DS XL will not be packaged with an AC adapter in Europe or Japan, this was a decision made to reduce cost.

The AC adapter will be sold separately, with the charging cradle. Although the 3DS XL will be compatible with the 3DS, DSi and DSi XL AC adapters.

Good news for North America, the 3DS XL will still come with the AC adapter included (You lucky devils).

Nintendo also announced the release of four new 3DS games on the same day as the 3DS XL: Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, New Art Academy, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Freaky Forms Deluxe.

The jury is out, but what’s the verdict?



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