Geek TV Review: Psych Finale

(Spoiler Alert) Shawn and Gus have been having finales for 6 seasons now, solving cases and inventing ingenious lines “…like fat, on a fat person”. Yin 1-3 were good. Yin 1 and 2 were undoubtedly excellent and the 3 tied a loose episode to episode series together. Tonight’s finale though had the biggest cliff hanger to date. The final scene has Henry Spencer flying back, shot to the ground at close range. It had me speechless. I even knew something was happening and I knew it was happening then. The scene was so vivid though I honestly believe it’s possible they killed Shaun’s father

The episode itself had a lot going for it in a season that was slightly lacking. Don’t confuse me, the comedy was there this season. Not sure if  it’s the funny becoming too over the top or I’m just getting old or James Rodey getting… thick, that has me waiting a day longer before I pop it into the DVR machine for a viewing. Something just wasn’t there for me this season. Sure it had a return of Carey Elwes, but NO Dual Spires. It has a fun love interest going on with Lassiter and Kristy Swanson which began in one of the best episodes, This Episode Sucks. It also had, Danny Glover, Diedrich Bader, and William “Freaking!” Shatner playing Juliette’s estranged con-artist father and all of that was awesome, but the spaces between were just meh. The opening episode of the season, Shaun Rescues Darth Vader, set a slow tone for a season that was gonna play such huge trump cards later on. The season finale was “on” though. It was hitting all the comedy sweet spots like most episodes do. This episode had a big story though involving keys from both Henry and Shaun’s shared past that climaxed with a shooting that we won’t know the end result of until next fall. Ugh!

The episode opens in a flashback of Henry talking with his old partner, “who has a million hemorrhoid jokes and they’re all funny” where they discuss an open case in front of Shaun about a missing girl who they suspect has been murdered. Cut to present, the discovery of one body and some disturbed earth trigger the finding of another body, the missing girl from 20 years prior. This sets Shaun off into a Psychic vision where he inevitably recalls details he remembered from the case including the girls name. I thought this was one of the more convincing visions Shaun has shown. Who could question his Psychic abilities when he recalls the name of a 20 year old corps the instant it is unearthed. Unlike some other visions we’ve seen him go through where you can’t help but wonder why people believe him at all.

They continue on with the investigation, Shaun and Gus parading around with their usual antics riddled with wild guesses. They are wrong a few times, Woody acts crazy in the basement, then it turns out to be someone else who was there among them the whole time. Almost like Scooby and The Gang riding around in the Mystery Machine, chasing shadows before discovering Old Man Whithers from the Haunted Amusement Park wearing a witches mask. The Human element in this one though was how close it tied in Corbin Benson’s character and his past. It brought us in close right before it slammed the door shut with a gunshot.

I’m sure Corbin Benson will be returning to the show next season. This is a comedy and even though it’s not unheard of for a comedy to kill off a character and stray from the funtimes for the sake of story I just don’t sense it. I will be anxiously awaiting it though. My interest has been reawakened like a sleeping giant. I also need something to fill my Wednesday night time slot.

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