We’re the cool ones now [Music Video]

Did you ever want a geek anthem? Joss Whedon (aka King Geek), Felicia Day, and her Guild cast members bring us a great song and music video that can be called exactly that.

It’s a catchy tune and hard to not identify with the lyrics, especially if you’re a geek born in the 80s and early 90s. Now, I am not saying modern day young geeks have it easier, but it is more widely accepted now and that can help ease some of the bullying and teasing when the geeks and freaks outnumber everyone else.  My own school years weren’t terrible, there was the occasional popular girl and redneck boy that decided they didn’t like me, but for the most part I was accepted and left alone. The teasing that did happen didn’t hurt any less, but on the positive side it didn’t happen a lot.

Despite the frequency, or infrequency, of teasing in your past and present this song will pull at your geeky heart strings and make you proud to identify as what we are: the cool ones.

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