Geek News: Goerge Lucas Dead at 68

Tragedy strikes in the heart of the geek community. Film icon and Star Wars creator George Lucas was administered to a hospital in Claremore, Oklahoma this morning. A small passenger plane performed an emergency landing in a minute airfield in the city 30 minutes outside of Tulsa. Lucas and another unknown passenger were reported to have had a sudden onset of chest pains and shortness of breath. This was proceeded by mild nausea and headaches reported by both mid-flight. When the situation progressed to a more serious nature the pilot radioed the airfield and performed an emergency landing where an ambulance on-site rushed both Lucas and passenger to the Regional Hospital five miles away. Shortly after a representative for Lucas pronounced that the 68-year-old legendary film maker had passed and the unknown passenger was in critical condition. It’s unknown as to what caused the sudden illness. A medical professional with the Hospital refused to leave detailed comment but did say that all possibilities were being explored and that as of right now this was being looked at as an accident, “…we don’t know if it was something they ate or were exposed to otherwise at this point”.

This comes as a major blow as Lucas, after years of dodging and declining, had finally opened up the possibilities of exploring further films in his Star Wars universe. Lucas hinted at liking the idea of an expanded universe series he told press at a pretaped conference airing shortly after Wondercon. “…something like Darth Bane or the Thrawn Trilogy would adapt very well onscreen and lately I’ve been opening up to the idea”, he told the select group of fans and press associates in the pretaped conference originally set to air during the convention but was delayed for unknown reasons until the day after and released online.

The idea of further films does seem like a stretch at this point. Though I’d love to see an expanded universe series. Now it will never happen. This has been an EPIC tragedy and the world will never ever be the same. This is all made up of course and today is April 1st.  Mr. Lucas is indeed alive to the best of my knowledge at this moment and there was never any unknown passenger or a critical condition. So a merry April Fools Day to you and may all your April Fools wishes come true.

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