Geek TV Review: Game Of Thrones

The Game of Thrones Season 2 premier aired tonight on HBO. It was both excellent and disappointing. I was first introduced to the series a few weeks back when it was released on blu-ray. One thing I remember thinking after staying up late two nights in a row to finish all ten episodes was that the series felt large and full of story but cut incredibly short. So much happens in those ten episodes. Ned becomes the Hand of the King, Viserys Targaryen dies, King Robert dies, Drogo dies, Ned Stark dies, then baby dragons are born. A war between the Lannisters and the Starks rises, Rob becomes King of the North, and Joffrey becomes the new king to replace his false father in the Red Keep all while “winter is coming”. Since I was able to start a new episode after each one ended I never felt like I wasn’t getting enough until episode ten ended. Season 2 aired tonight and 45 minutes later I was like, “What the H!?” It felt like two minutes and it was over. A lot happened indeed but it wasn’t enough. Kind of like Kix cereal doesn’t have enough sugar so you keep taking bigger bites to get more and all you end up with is more of not enough.

It was really good though. The atmosphere and characters were already great and nothing has changed. Tyrion is Hand to King Joffrey now and it is nice to see someone in in The King’s Court who not only knows what’s going on but is smart enough to handle it properly. Peter Dinklage is brilliant of course upon arrival. He takes charge and ignores Joffrey while subtly letting everyone know what fools they’ve been in their handling of the situation with the Starks.

A fan favorite from the book series, Melisandre played by Carice Van Houten, appears in this episode. She plays a mysterious magical woman cloaked in red aiding Stannis Baratheon. I’m interested to see what happens with her. Stannis appears to be rallying for his claim to the Throne. Apparently every Baratheon is laying claims to the throne this season, as well as anyone who leads a large group  and Daenerys Targaryen with her baby dragons.

Speaking of baby dragons and the Dragon herself, Daenerys has fallen on hard times as she and her followers wander the empty wastelands avoiding any who may harm her and her newly hatched dragons. She knows she has power but needs to find a safe place to gather her strength and let the dragons grow and her power and her people need to grow before she can make her mark.

I don’t know the whole story. I may read the books in the future and to this point have only come across mild spoilers. If I were a betting man my money would be on Daenerys and Rob Stark ending up together with a thunder of dragons under foot ruling all the seven kingdoms with Peter Dinklage and his whore/gf hanging out and making everyone happy. But in the first season I’d have bet Ned Stark would have won the iron throne after a few seasons of war and in-fighting.

All I can do is judge it as a television series. And all I can say for sure at this point is this show has me wanting more. Next Sunday seems too far away. I want more dragons, I want Joffrey dead, I want Arya to become a great female warrior and Bran a great crippled warrior. And I want Tyrion Lannister to get all his heart desires and I want it all to happen soon. I’ll have to wait though

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