Geek Movie Review: The Three Stooges

How many people groaned when they heard there was going to be another Hollywood remake? Did your groan turn into something worse when you heard it was the Three Stooges? Like many, many others I grew up watching the original trio bonk, poke and stumble around each other every weekend and like many, many others I was hesitant to see the movie.

But, I am pleased to say, I am glad I did see it.

The Farrelly Brothers turned these three guys:


From Left to Right: Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso, Sean Hayes

Into these three guys:


Will Sasso - Curly; Chris Diamantopoulos - Moe; Sean Hayes - Larry

They aren’t merely playing Moe, Curly and Larry, they ARE Moe, Curly and Larry. They all have the voices, the physical gags, the mannerisms, the postures and the attitudes of these big loveable lugs.

threestoogesThe story is fairly straightforward. Moe, Larry and Curly have to save their childhood home, an orphanage staffed with some very funny and fine nuns (Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Larry David, Kate Upton), and while doing so they are thrust in the middle of a murder plot (involving Sofia Vergara) and one of them ends up on a reality show (where the Jersey Shore jabronis come in).ThreeStoogesNew

The stooges are as inept as ever, their jokes are as outlandish as ever, and the sound effects are straight from the original stooges. The movie is not short on eye pokes, head bonks, slaps, punches and strange antics. Have you ever thought of a salmon farm in a literal way? Have you ever wanted to watch three grown men use peeing babies as water (pee) guns while dressed in nurse drag? Let me just say, Moe makes a terribly awkward looking woman.

This movie is packed full of old and new jokes. The theatre I was in was filled with more older than younger folks, probably people who either grew up watching the Stooges on TV or caught up with them on weekend reruns, and everyone was laughing, even at the puns. (What do you call toes that fall asleep? Coma.. toes!) The rest of the cast does a great a job supporting the stooges antics and even adding to them, and one surprisingly comedic actor is Sofia Vergara. She is one of the best characters on Modern Family (ABC) and brings all of that and more to the Stooges film.

The-Three-Stooges_01The addition of the Jersey Shore cast in the movie is almost okay, since they are being physically or verbally abused for most of their screen time. (One of guys gets his head microwaved, it’s wonderful!)

If you are a huge Stooge fan and didn’t want to risk paying movie ticket prices to see it, it is a risk you should take. Make it a matinee or something early so it doesn’t cost as much, but don’t hesitate any longer to see it in the theatres if you have any inkling in you to do so. You can tell the Farrelly brothers and the cast put a lot into this to make it a good homage to the original Moe, Larry and Curly.

Plus, you get to see Larry David as a nun and there’s this little thing called a nunkini that Kate Upton fills out quite well.

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  2. This movie was far funnier than I thought it would be – the salmon farm scene had me rolling – hardest I’ve laughed in quite a while! My hopes for this movie weren’t high, and I was pleasantly surprised that they pulled it off. The baby peeing part was a bit…yuck, though – not something the original Stooges would have even considered, let alone be allowed to do.

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