8 Awesome Geek Guys

Who are also pretty nice to look at. We watch these guys in movies, listen to them in podcasts or songs, and hope their careers bring them to the next awesome geekfest, like the Avengers movie and projects like Cabin In the Woods.

SamWitwer Sam Witwer


An actor (and musician) that has a career that spans a lot of shows. He can been seen in the current geek hits The Walking Dead and Being Human (North America) and was in Dexter for a few episodes (Neil Perry, creepy guy), Battlestar Galactica, plus he was in Smallville as some unimportant character named Doomsday. Do any of your video game characters look like him? His voice and likeness was used for The Force Unleashed’s Galen Marek/Starkiller.

NUP_141500_0806.jpg Donald Glover


Comedian, musician, writer, actor. If you want to see him on TV, watch Community. His character Troy IS awesome and pretty geeky, but this is about Donald. He has a small role in the Muppet Movie and was all for auditioning to be the new Spider-man, which eventually went to Andrew Garfield. He also wrote for 30 Rock, used his voice in 30 Rock, was a part of the amazing comedy team Derrick and starred in Mystery Team.

11719207 Nathan Fillion


He references geek things all the time on his popular and great show Castle (ABC), then there was his role as Captain Tightpants on Firefly, Serenity, and his lovable but punchable character on Dr. Horrible… One thing I love about Fillion’s career is that he shared the small screen with Ryan Reynolds, another guy involved with a lot things geek, for a couple of years on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza place, which was later renamed to Two Guys and A Girl.

220px-Chris_Hardwick Chris Hardwick


1) The Nerdist

2) Besties with Wil Wheaton

3) Web Soup

4) HE’S CHRIS HARDWICK!Chris has made his career and his life on all things geek. Super intelligent, and funny, he’s the professional geek we strive to be.

scott_pilgrim_vs_the_world_23 Chris Evans


How many geek culture movies has Chris Evans been in the past 5 years? The answer is: a lot. Scott Pilgrim, The Fantastic Fours, The Avengers, Captain America, The Losers

If Chris is in a movie, I will probably see it, no matter what the subject.

SethGreen Seth Green


What geek doesn’t like Robot Chicken?  Seth has spanned the geek world from working with puppets to working with stop-motion animation, plus the huge list of movies he has been in. He’s come a long way from Oz the werewolf but that was only the beginning of a long career in things geek. And another thing? He’s a huge NASA fan and a great guy to follow on Twitter. (His wife is pretty awesome too.)

andy-samberg-snl Andy Samberg


Andy is an SNL regular, a member of the musical group The Lonely Island and has no shame. One of my favorite movies is Hot Rod, which he stars in, and he has done work in several TV shows. He also likes Laser Cats. You’ll be able to recognize his voice on Shark Week from a couple years ago, too.

chris-hemsworth-the-avengers-2012-01 Chris Hemsworth


1) Thor

2) The Avengers

3) The Cabin In The Woods

He many not identify as a geek, but he is invading geek culture and he can keep on invading it, as far as I’m concerned. I loved him in Thor and The Cabin In The Woods looks awesome. Plus, his brother is kind of following in his footsteps by being in The Hunger Games trilogy.

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