Android App-Aholics Anonymous: Pocket Auctions For eBay

App: Pocket Auctions for eBay

Developer: Bonfire Media, Inc.

Price: Free

Love it or hate it, you have to admit one thing. EBay is an extremely convenient way to buy or sell anything. Sure eBay fees are starting to pile up, but you still can’t beat being able to immediately find items that you simply cannot find in stores. This brings me to my Android app review for this week, Pocket Auctions for eBay. I’ve employed this app on my various Android devices for some time, so I am fairly familiar with it. Let me start off with how easy it is to use. EBay can be complicated at times, but this app takes away all the headaches with its simplicity. The search function is great. It has a refined search function with options such as ending soonest, specific categories, best match, highest and lowest priced, newly listed, and auction type. This refined search option really allows you to cut through a lot of the unnecessary items that seem to clog up your search results at times. The search results are easy to scroll through, and the time left in the auction, price, and number of bids the item has is all easily visible in the search results. To get more detailed info, all you have to do is click on the item you’re interested in. The home screen for each item has an item description tab, a seller’s other items tab, and a way to contact the seller. Buy It Now auctions are also available. PayPal is fully integrated into the app, so when you are ready to make a purchase, the app takes you to PayPal, allows you to pay, then takes you back to the eBay app. This saves a lot of time from exiting the app and clicking on your PayPal app to pay. You can also read and send messages to other eBay members via this app, which also saves a lot of time. The only downsides to this app are its scan function, which is just like any other scanning app available in Google Play, the lack of a selling function, and the occasional bugs that the app suffers from. Personally, the inability to sell an item with this app is what keeps it from being the perfect eBay app. Not being able to sell with Pocket Auctions is the reason why I still have the official eBay app still installed on my phone and tablet. The scan function just doesn’t do anything to set itself apart from the plethora of other similar apps available. I mean, it works at times, but it’s nothing extraordinary. The bugs in this app can be very annoying. In the search results, the price displayed can be vastly different from what is displayed on the item’s home page, so be careful to read the price again before you buy. At times, the time left in the auction is incorrect. So you will think there’s 7 seconds left in the auction and try to steal the auction in its final seconds, only to get a message that bidding on this item has already ended. As stated earlier, these bugs are rare, occasional at best, and they are quickly taken care of by updates provided by the apps creator. Overall, this app is easy to use, convenient, and gets the job done. You would be hard pressed to find a better eBay app in the Google Play market than Pocket Auctions for eBay.



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