Last One Standing: Super Speed Race

This Last One Standing will be a foot race, who will win in a 100 MILE dash!

The Flash

First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 1963

Coolest speed related moment: He sacrificed himself by running so fast he traveresed realities and saved the entire universe


Sonic The Hedgehog

First Appearance: Sonic The Hedgehog 1991

Coolest speed related moment: I would have to say when an experienced gamer can get through Green Hill Zone in less than 30 seconds



First Appearance: The Incredibles 2004

Coolest speed related moment: His jungle chase scene was pretty amazing, but he still only got second place in the track meet.

First Appearance:X Men #4 1964

Coolest speed related moment: Marvel Zombies, and infected Quicksilver creates a perfect army by super speed biting the best heroes.



First Appearance: Season 1 of Thundercats 1965

Coolest speed related moment: She makes that cool sound when she super runs.
Speedy Gonzales

First Appearance: Looney Tunes 1955

Coolest speed related moment: Classic run into the mouse hole and get that cat’s hand with the mouse trap, HAHA! Nice.
Road Runner

First Appearance: Looney Tunes 1949

Coolest speed related moment: Roadrunner can make paintings come to life, seriously, Wile E. Coyote is a straight up gangsta, but when he gets hit by a train, from a hole he painted, thats funny stuff.

First Appearance: Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green 2004

Coolest speed related moment: This guy was given out at special events which cause massive soccer mom riots at every Toys R Us in the U.S.A.


So I know that people will disagree, but I went over this with some of the geekiest people I know, and they finally agreed that in last place would be Chetara since she can only go super fast for a short time, then Road Runner who is easily distracted, then Speedy Gonzales who would wear out, then Sonic without the shoes isn’t superfast just fast, ┬áthen the young Dash would wear out, followed by Quicksilver, second place would be Deoxys, and first place would be The Flash, this guy can pass through time he’s so fast. The Flash wins.


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