Geek Movie Review: The Artist

I’m sorry that this review is so late, but here it goes.

I understand that this movie is not for everyone. It’s primarily a silent film, with few sounds and fewer words, but this movie was utterly amazing. From beginning to end I was drawn in and hypnotized by the clever directing, this movie is up for best picture in the Oscars and it really should win. I don’t have enough good things to say about it.

The relatively unknown cast was sprinkled with a few familiar faces, but the point of the movie was all about acting, and my god did everyone give the performance of their life. No words, only facial reactions and emotions are shown, so the fact that there was this great story about the rise and fall of two different types of actors and a fantastic love story that is unlike any I’ve ever seen was insane.

I suggest everyone go out and watch this film, I know some people are wary of something that seems so gimmicky, but trust me, you will be happy you saw it. I give this movie the highest ranking I can an A+ and the title of my favorite movie of 2012(So far).

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  1. The dog stole the show.

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