Last One Standing: Snowman Three Way

The holidays are almost here so have some fun with my holiday themed fight, an epic battle between the three roughest toughest snowmen on the block!


Frosty The Snow Man

His lung cancer will be a set back for sure.

From: The classic holiday song and The animated special .

Coolest Move: He stole a magic hat from a real douche bag magician.

Lamest Move: He kinda led a bunch of children to commit petty crime.

His main weapon is a broom and an army of children who get way to emotionally connected to things made of water.

Jack Frost

he looks a lot like the michelin man here?

From: The now cult favorite cheesy horror flick Jack Frost.

Coolest Move: He raped Shannon Elizabeth with his carrot nose.

Lamest Move: He was brought down with a bag of oatmeal that a kid tried to inadvertently poison his dad with.

Enjoy this, your high point will be showing your boobs in American Pie

Bad Mr.Frosty

You may be the spokesman, but people prefer Ickybod Clay any day

From: The short lived yet awesome fighting game franchise Clay Fighter.

Coolest Move: He can morph his body and form ice spikes to take down his enemies.

Lamest Move: He hangs out with an obese chick, a guy made of taffy, and a really bad Elvis impersonator.

I see you got some work done for the sequel

Lets get this out of the way, Frosty is going to die immediately, he doesn’t stand a chance really. It breaks down to the pit fighting snowman who lives in an ice cream plant or the homicidal murderer/rapist who was deformed into a mutant killer snowman. I will have to give the victory to Jack Frost, mainly because he was snow balls to kill a man, while Bad Mr.Frosty holds back for a second round of fights.

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