Apple App-aholics Anonymous (Line Runner)

App Name: Line Runner
Price: Free

Line Runner is a simple game of avoidance.  The level travels very quickly from right to left and your character stays in one spot.  Tap one side of the screen to jump and the other to roll; sounds simple doesn’t it?  Let me tell you that Line Runner is responsible for many moments of pure rage for me due to the difficulty that it creates as the level gets harder and harder to navigate.  You get more points the farther you get so stretch your thumbs and get ready for your marathon Line Runner session.  You will start just wanting to play a level, but trust me when I say that this game will anger you into wanting to play more just so that you can win.

Overall Line Runner is a pretty simple game, but for free it supplies more than enough entertainment to hold you over while you’re waiting in line or waiting for your food to be delivered.  Check it out; what have you got to loose but time?

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