What you can’t see us doing is so funny.

Episode 54

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Brandon Williams @brandosupreme

Fcc’s take on the ATT merger (LINK)
Carrier IQ will take your data and… (LINK)
Ten Cent android apps

Xbox dashboard update goes live
EA proves they are ***holes again (LINK)
Words with friends more important than a seat (LINK)
Benecio Del Toro  as Khan is not the villain of Star Trek 2, but Peter Weller joins the team and now Toro left (LINK)
No Dr.Who movie in the works, sad, sad, Brandon (LINK)
The Grey, coolest movie ever?(LINK)
John Carter of Mars looks awesome (LINK)
StarShip Troopers getting rebooted(LINK)
Tim and Eric are getting a movie, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore(LINK)


Once is not a rip off of Fables, probably. (LINK)

Man Claims Cowboys and Aliens Stole my idea (LINK)
Alan Moore trashes Frank Miller, discusses Occupy Wall Street (LINK)

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