Android App-aholics Anonymous (Game Dev Story)

App Name: Game Dev Story
Price: $2.50

Game Dev Story reminds me of those “Tycoon” games that were all the rage a few years ago.  You start a game development studio with a very small amount of money, four employees, and a secretary; then you start working.  As you progress through the game you get to release games for new console (while having to deal with thier licensing fees), complete contracts for extra cash, hire/fire employees, and even create your own game console.

The challenge of the game comes from the constant stream of things you need to pay for as well as the choices you make in game type and which employee does what part of the work.  If you put two genres together that don’t mesh then your game may flop and cause you to have to take contracts to get enough money to pay your employees.  You also need to think about training your employees and advertising your products.  Overall it can get a little hairy when the money and your employees’ energy start to run dry.

Game Dev Story is hours of fun and I found myself playing it every chance I got for an hour or so (not many cell phone games do that to me).  If you’re not sure about spending the $2.50 (believe me it’s worth it) then you can pickup a lite version of the game for free, but it only lets you play 2 of the regular game’s 20 years (it gets a lot more fun after about 5 years).

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