Android App-aholics Anonymous (Minecraft PE)

App Name: Minecraft PE
Usage: Building game (first-person)
Price: $6.99

I am a huge fan of the PC/Mac/Linux building block game called Minecraft and when I saw that it was coming to Android I was excited beyond the point of moisture.  At first the game was only available for the Sony Xperia Play, but now anyone with a device powerful enough (it works pretty well on my HTC EVO 4G) can download the game and give it a go.

The portable version of the game is a little more watered down than the full version, but it still gives you more than enough entertainment for the money.  If you are a fan of Minecraft like me this purchase is a no brainer; if you don’t know what Minecraft is, head over to YouTube and see what you’ve been missing.

PS.  The gameplay screenshot would not come out right, but head over to the Android market for the official screenshots.

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