Apple App-aholics Anonymous (Comixology)

App Name: Comixology
Usage: Comic book reader and store
Price: Free


The iPad and even the iPhone and iPod are great devices to read digital comics on, but where can you get all of the comics that you want to read?

Comisxology is not only a great comic book reader, but it’s also a great comic book store.  Comics come out on the Comixology store the same day they go to print so you won’t miss any time when you buy them in digital format.  One of favorite parts of the store is the free section because it can open you up to a wealth of new material without costing you a dime.  Prices on the store vary, with comics like the New 52 priced around $3 and some going up around $8 (these are usually sets).  The app is free and the store has a free comics section so you really don’t have many reasons not to pick this one up.

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