Android App-aholics Anonymous (SMS Backup & Restore)

App name: SMS backup & Restore
Usage: makes a backup of your SMSs on your SD card
Price: free

Simple app this week. For those of us who tend to use our text and
email inboxes as to do lists, we would be lost if those inboxes ever
got deleted. I switch Roms a lot on my EVO and as such I am always
coming across this problem. In steps SMS Backup & Restore. SMS B&R
scans your text messages (it won’t backup MMS) and save them in a file
on your SD card (you can copy the file to a computer for extra
security) if a malfunction ever happens the app will be able to use
that file to put your texts right back where they belong.

SMS Backup & Restore will also allow you to schedule backups to run
automatically for any of you who don’t trust yourselves to run the
app.  A great free app for anyone who frequently switches Roms or
really needs to keep a copy of their texts, SMS Backup & Restore lives
up to its name.

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  1. Great outline. I love see clearly Martha

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