#dontgooglethat seriously… Dont do it.

Episode 44
Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Brandon Williams @brandosupreme
Tim Blacksmith @realjacobquinn


– Facebook F8 Conference – Story
– Facebook’s new tracking – Story
– Google in court – Story
– Sprint’s anti attmobile deal reasoning – Story Story
– Net Neutrality passes – Story
– Amazon and Netflix get new content – Story
– Blockbuster partners with Dish – Story

– Unbanned and loving it – Story
– New Dead Space 3 details – Story
– Rage spans 3 discs on 360 – Story
– Star Wars: Old Republic gets a date – Story
– Sony’s new terms of service – Story

(Game Releases)



Red Dawn remake finally picked up, CG’s Races
Lion King #1 Again!
Anne Hathaway Catwoman costume
Fassbender for Robocop?
Star Wars Blu Ray breaking records

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