New Avengers Line Up

The post Fear Itself Avengers line up was released revealing the new team and Hawkeyes new threads, hers the image.


Avengers Assemble!


Okay first off, Hawkeye’s new costume is strange, I like the idea of making him look closer to the movie version, but I don’t know if it was necessary. Hawkeye, Iron Man, Steve returning as Cap, Black Panther (always good), Spider Woman (Rather this be Storm), Spiderman (I don’t think he needs to be on teams Replace him with Moon Knight), Wolverine (he REALLY doesn’t need to be on teams, except X-Men replace him with Beast), Vision (Always good), Ms. Marvel (good Thor replacement), and Noh-Var the new Captain Marvell (Avengers needs one or two new guys).

My perfect Avengers team is led by Black Panther (Team Leader) and Storm (power projection) and it consist of She-Hulk (Muscle, comedy), Beast (Brains), Ghost Rider (This guy needs SOMETHING, Magic), Constrictor (classic villain turned hero role), and Amadeus Cho( brains, young hero learning and moral center)

What do you think of this team? Whats your Dream Avengers team? Comment below.

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  1. I think the new line-up is pretty solid. But I agree that there’s something…missing. I think your dream team is good, but mine would look like this: Captain America (Leader), Scarlet Witch (Power), Hawkeye (Comic Relief, green lantern factor), She-Hulk (Brute Force), Iron Man (Roguish good looks) and just to mix things up: Super Skrull (if he could be turned to good)

    I never like Spiderman on a team, it’s so unnecessary. It’s like Marvel is saying “Hey, how can we get the people who already buy 4 spidey titles a month to buy another book…” And the same can be said for Wolverine, he’s like a cash-cow for Marvel, people just buy up any title he’s in.

  2. I was going to say the same about Spider-Man and Wolverine but I think Tim nailed it. Otherwise, like the JLA I like heavy hitter in my teams. Though to be different how about a new Disney type group. I want Darkwing Duck and Gizmo-Duck on this team and Scrooge McDuck can be the financial benefactor. Come on! We need Disney Avengers!

  3. The new lineup could do without Spider-Man and Wolverine. Moon Knight is a perfect replacement. Storm replacing Spider Woman? Great call, too. She has a better leadership ability and would bring a more mature view.

    As for your dream team, great, great choices. Of course you gottta work in Constrictor.

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