Wizard World Chicago Comic Con In Pictures:Part 1

Lots of cool things to see Wizard World, this last one was hard to navigate and organized poorly, but great cosplay. So here you go!

Behold, the great unwashed masses

The 501st, a common sight at all cons


Artist alley always has interesting people


The cosplay was well done this year, lots of Assassin's Creed guys


Not all the cosplay was perfect.


I think Bane switched out his venom with butter, great Scarecrow and Riddler though


The Batmobile still has the Burt Ward stains and Adam West smell.


Your favorite line waiting in line with...children?


I was sittin back, relaxin, acting all cool.


This dude, dubbed "Chops" really really liked his job


Another Assassins Creed cosplay, this time a woman!


Star Wars cosplay dominates this con, these are two of the better ones


Cute, perky, excited Batgirl


The only Black Swan cosplay, and what ever the other one is.


Super sexy Cross, one of the independent comic creations at the con.


I love the victorian style Harley and Ivy, Hakgirl was alright. Two Face... well.. great suit.


A fantastic Joker who really sold the part.


Nightwing was intense, great costumes all around.


These Trekkies were fun, complete with Abrams style lens flare!


If his hair was a little better this would of been one of the best couples at the con, she is mighty pretty though.


Sorry about the shot, but there was NO WAY to get a good shot.




I don't trust him....


My partner in crime and Jason J. Hughes... EXTERMINATE!


This kid loved his sucker. He would NOT put it down.


LEGO EXTRAVAGANZA, more to come from these guys.


Fantastic Mad Eye, not a fantastic Hermione


Mandalorians everywhere.


I would of drove a way with it if it wasn't for those meddling security guards


It was cold in the con, he should of Bamf'd to some place warmer


This guy went all out, he found every bit of the Old Greg costume. Impressive.


Genius cosplayer who used his size to his advantage, I salute you.


This Damn Dirty Ape is having a sudden gain in popularity again.


The Roller Derby girls will kick your ass in.


I don't know who she is and I don't care, super sexy.


Cosplay hotties make me a happy camper!


I'm a very happy man, the Suicide girls are my favorite!


OH DEAR GOD! Will you marry me?


Something for the kids, you stay here I'm going back to the Suicide Girls


Man Spiderman and Riddler and boobs and Scarecrow and boobs and Black Cat and boobs....boobs


one of the many vendor booths


That's death dealers helmet and axe, awesome


Batman's bad guys all hang on the weekend


an aerial view of the con, busy days, there will be even more pics tomorrow.


The con is too much for some, this makes me laugh everytime.


Well guys, that was our first day in pics, there will be even more tomorrow so come back for some more!


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  1. The Lego trains are always fun.

  2. I don’t think that girl is Hermione. I think she’s Ginny, and if so, she’s a damn good one 🙂

  3. I don’t think Harry would hit that

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