Top 8 Cosplay Costumes at Wizard World Chicago 2011

At every convention there are people who put pride on hold to show their love of characters from comics, movies, music, TV, and the internet. These are my favorites from the 2011 Wizard World.


8. Blade

You got two Blades for the price of, well... two Blades.

7. The Shadow

Obscure yet original, ten times better than that horrible Baldwin movie

6. Godzilla

My man Godzilla, one of the cosplayers that I did a quick interview with. Good costume, good guy.

5. Old Greg

Mighty Boosh characters! These guys got extra points for screaming MANGINA!

4. Spider Man

A detailed costume with a great mask, plus the guy was built perfect and was cracking jokes and he had boobs with him

3. Joker

I was incredibly uncomfortable around this guy, he played the role 100%

2. Penguin

I loved the minor details in this cosplay, one of the best Penguins I've ever seen

1. Scarlett Witch & Vision

Sure his face make up could of been a little better, but these costumes are perfect.

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I'm one of the main contributors to 8 DAG and I take pride in my other job as Public/Staff relations. I'm a comics and movie junkie and I love to podcast. Follow me on Twitter @BrandoCop
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  1. Oswald Cobblepot

    Thank you for your kind words regarding my attire at Wizard World. I put a lot of heart into that outfit and I’m so glad it was received well. The Penguin has always been my favorite of Batman’s foes, and cosplaying him for the last few years has been a blast. Thanks much!!

  2. Wow! Thank you for the kind words and for having me on the list! It is a great honor for me!


  3. the fk is wrong with my face?! DON’T ANSWER THAT!! =P when i wear this at dragoncon, i’m actually shaving my head to do the best makeup job possible 🙂

  4. hey, thanks for noticing my svelte spidey-figure. takes a lot of P90X to keep that suit in shape. and speaking of the suit, i must give credit to my friendly down-under spidey4fun, Brad McDowall. it’s his brilliant hands behind the construction, and merely my design changes that make this suit such a joy to wear.

    as for the boobs, they belong to Black Cat. Spidey gets no credit there.

  5. Bill ( Scarlet Spidey)

    Yeah go get em Spidey ….but your poor Spidey clone got tucked away in the background again 🙁

  6. Thanks for posting our “Blade” photo and including us in your AWESOME Top 8!!! There were TONS of fantastic costumers/cosplayers at WW Chicago 2011. Be well!

  7. Woohoo! I’m that Scarlet Witch with the sexy mfkn Vision! <3 Thank you!

  8. AWESOME spidey costume. I saw some other dudes with a white spidey & deadpool costumes, and i noticed they all had the same style shoe part integrated w/ the costume. Did Brad McDowell do those suits as well??

  9. I absolutely loved that Joker!

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