Android App-aholics Anonymous (ES File Explorer)



App Name: ES File Explorer
Usage: File Manager
Price: Free


ES File Expl QR Droid Private







File explorer and management apps are everywhere on the app store so really it’s personal preference which one you end up using, however, there is one feature that doesn’t seem to work very well on any of the other offerings in the market, network share browsing.

The previously mentioned feature is why ES File Explorer made it into the App-aholics in the first place.  Most shared folders (wether they are on mac, linux, or windows) tend to be “Samba” shared files.  EFE can browse these folders as well as bluetooth, internet, and even FTP shared files.






























Simple yet effective, ES File Explorer does exactly what it should and a few things that others don’t.  Download it for free and see if it works for you.


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