The New DC Universe

The recent news that DC is going to reboot the universe and create 52 #1 titles, below is a list of the confirmed titles, along with the writer (w) and artist (a) and a shot of the cover art. Comment below with questions or comments.


1. Justice League: Geoff Johns (w) + Jim Lee (a)

Classic JL team, plus the awesome Cyborg. I like it!


2. Wonder Woman: Brian Azzarello (w) + Cliff Chiang (a)

I like the new costume

3. Aquaman: Geoff Johns (w) + Ivan Reis (a) + Joe Prado (a)

meh, still kinda lame.

4. Flash: Francis Manapul (w/a) + Brian Buccellato (w/a)

Maybe they will make him less confusing.

5. Fury of Firestorm: Ethan Van Sciver (w) + Gail Simone (w) + Yildiray Cinar (a)

So, Black Firestorm + White Firestorm = Energy Zombie?

6. The Savage Hawkman: Tony Daniel (w) + Philip Tan (a)

you know what they say. Hawks, the wolverines of the skies.

7. Green Arrow: J.T. Krul (w) + Dan Jurgens (a)

Is that his Smallville costume?

8. Justice League International: Dan Jurgens (w) + Aron Lopresti (a)

Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, AND August General in Iron! Sweet.

9. Mister Terrific: Eric Wallace (w) + Roger Robinson (a)

No more leather jacket makes this a much better character

10. Captain Atom: J.T. Krul (w) + Freddie Williams II (a)

Why does he have a mohawk?

11. DC Universe Presents: first story featuring Deadman, by Paul Jenkins (w) + Bernard Chang (a)

I like these anthology books, gives lesser knowns a chance

12. Green Lantern: Geoff Johns (w) + Doug Mahnke (a) + Christian Alamy (a)

First issue and you already bloodied your gloves!

13. Green Lantern Corps: Peter Tomasi (w) + Fernando Pasarin (a) + Scott Hanna (a)

Guy Gardner is the best.... no doubt.

14. Green Lantern: The New Guardians: Tony Bedard (w) + Tyler Kirkham (a) + Batt (a)

The best of each corps, that's hardcore

15. Red Lanterns: Peter Milligan (w) + Ed Benes (a) + Rob Hunter (a)

When I get road rage, I think I might get drafted into the Reds

16. Batman: Scott Snyder (w) + Greg Capullo (a)

I see Croc, Two-Face, Scarecrow, I guess that's Riddler, and ... uh.. bag head?

17. Detective Comics: Tony Daniel (w/a)

Joker becomes more and more Steve Buscemi every day.

18. Batman and Robin: Peter Tomasi (w) + Patrick Gleason (a)

They kept Damien, that is a good thing.

19. Batman: The Dark Knight: David Finch (w/a)

I like the more armored Batman

20. Batwoman: J.H. Williams III (w/a) + Haden Blackman (w) + Amy Reeder (a)

Batwoman, she hates fish, and penis!

21. Batgirl: Gail Simone (w) + Ardian Syaf (a) + Vincente Cifuentes (a)

No more Oracle? I don't know...

22. Catwoman: Judd Winnick (w) + Guillem March (a)

Catwoman, now with 30% more cleavage!

23. Birds of Prey: Duane Swierczynski (w) + Jesus Saiz (a)

Black Canary and Starling, backed up by Poison Ivy and Katana. Girl Power.

24. Nightwing: Kyle Higgins (w) + Eddy Barrows (a)

I liked the blue, but this red look is pretty sweet

25. Red Hood and the Outlaws: Scott Lobdell (w) + Kenneth Rocafort (a)

Red Hood, Starfire, and Red Arrow or Arsenal or Speedy. Strange group

26. Batwing: Judd Winnick (w) + Ben Oliver (a)

okay idea, but that's a horrible color scheme

27. Swamp Thing: Scott Snyder (w) + Yanick Paquette (a) + Franco Francavilla (fill-in artist)

Swamp Thing is worth a read, I have shaky thoughts.

28. Animal Man: Jeff Lemire (w) + Travel Foreman + Dan Green (a)

When creators want to shit on a mans life, they choose Buddy Baker

29. Justice League Dark: Peter Milligan (w) + Mikel Janin (a)

Madame Xanadu, John Constantine, Zatanna, Shade the changing man, and Deadman all trying to beat down Enchantress

30. Demon Knights: Paul Cornell (w) + Diogenes Neves (a) + Oclair Albert (a)

Man, Etrigan looks pissed!

31. Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE: Jeff Lemire (w) + Alberto Ponticelli (a)

2 Frankensteins and a little asian girl was taken by my band.

32. Resurrection Man: Dan Abnett (w) + Andy Lanning (w) + Fernando Dagnino (a)

If you haven't read the original, do yourself a favor and get it.

33. I, Vampire: Josh Fialkov (w) + Andrea Sorrentino (a)

This book is about a Jonas brother short of being on the Disney channel

34. Voodoo: Ron Marz (w) + Sami Basri (a)

She looks a little too much like Witchblade

35. Legion Lost: Fabian Nicieza (w) + Pete Woods (a)

Found them.

36. Legion of Superheroes: Paul Levitz (w) + Francis Portela (a)

Chameleon can have gun arms?

37. Teen Titans: Scott Lobdell (w) + Brett Booth (a) + Norm Rapmund (a)

Red Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, uh? Terra?, and.. Witchblade?

38. Static Shock: John Rozum (w) + Scott McDaniel (w/a) + Jonathan Glapion (a)

The Static Shock revival! I'm so happy!

39. Hawk and Dove: Sterling Gates (w) + Rob Liefeld (a)

Does Hawk look fat to anyone else?

40. Stormwatch: Paul Cornell (w) + Miguel Sepulveda (a)

I bet Apollo isn't a fan of Midnighters chin spike. OBSCURE JOKE

41. Blackhawks: Mike Costa (w) + Ken Lashley (a)

The new Blackhawks are a lot like G.I. Joes

42. Sgt. Rock and the Men of War: Ivan Brandon (w) + Tom Derenick (a)

I think "Sgt.Rock and" may be dropped from this. conflicting reports

43. All-Star Western: Justin Gray (w) + Jimmy Palmiotti (w) + Moritat (a)

Finally a book for all of those underused DC western characters

44. Deathstroke: Kyle Higgins (w) + Joe Bennett (a) + Art Thibert (a)

Slade hates zombies

45. Grifter: Nathan Edmonson (w) + CAFU (a) + BIT (a)

is that catchers armor?

46. OMAC: Dan DiDio (w) + Keith Giffen (w/a) + Scott Koblish (w/a)

That is a giant Kirby-riffic mohawk

47. Suicide Squad: Adam Glass (w) + Marco Rudy (a)

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and King Shark they need 2 or 3 more members

48. Blue Beetle: Tony Bedard (w) + Ig Guara (a)

I guess Ted is still dead. meh, I like Jamie

49. Action Comics: Grant Morrison (w) + Rags Morales (a)

Farmer Superman, how fu..... zzz.. zzzz...

50. Superman: George Perez (w) + Jesus Merino (a)

No red underwear? Risky move DC

51. Supergirl: Michael Green (w) + Mike Johnson (w) + Mahmud Asrar (a)

I miss the little skirt

52. Superboy: Scott Lobdell (w) + R.B. Silva (a) + Rob Lean (a)

Matrix Superboy ...whoa..


NO JUSTICE SOCIETY! I gues this is neat, but ditch the very negative reviewed I Vampire and get us a Lobo series! We need a JSA. FIX IT!

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  1. I miss Supergirl’s skirt too.

    I can’t help but notice the severally over hyped Grant Morrison is only on one book.

  2. I’ll admit that I’m pretty excited about the “reboot”. In the end it’s a marketing strategy. Some of these titles have just been around FOREVER, when you start hitting numbers like issue 900, that’s intimidating to new readers.

    As a comic book reader I fell into it at a perfect moment, Age of Apocalypse. It was a natural jumping on point, the Marvel Universe was in turmoil and everything surrounded it. The DC shake-up has more to do with their lack of ability to overtake Marvel and gain solid ground in new readership than it has to do with any one person’s ideas (despite what a few idiots on Twitter tried to convince me of) and as a whole I applaud DC for taking the bold stance they have.

    Rock on DC!

  3. I gotta say that this a good strategy, at this point in DCs history the amount of readers is so low that they can risk losing all of them for a chance to draw in a new crowd. Good plan.

    Some of these guys needed a revamp (I’m looking at you Wonder Woman), but I’m also excited they decided to keep characters that are working right the way they are (Green Lantern and Blue Beetle to name a few).

    All in all this seems like it should work, and even though a lot of these will end quick, it’s nice to see such a range. Westerns, War Books, Vampire romance, and super heroes of all types, this is a great way to pull in all those people who love the popular TV and Movies with stuff they will be comfortable with as well as creating a more unified universe using Wildstorm, Milestone, and of course the DC stuff we all know. They relaunched during crisis adding the Charlton and Fawcett stuff in a much more reasonable way. It worked then, hope it works now.

    Who else has some thoughts on the reboot?

  4. What about the “question”? I read his comics when I was younger. It would really suck if he didn’t get too.

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