Geek Movie Review X 2 : X-men First Class

What does the writer that likes every movie think about the newest installment in the X-men movie universe?  In short,  I liked it.  Let me tell you why.

First of all, I did enjoy all three of the previous X-men movies regardless of any issues they may have caused by not sticking exactly to the comics, however, they did lack one thing that made this one of the better of the four movies…
Emotion.  First Class shows us the beginnings of the ill-fated friendship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr (Prof X and Magneto), as well as the beginnings of other characters such as Mystique, Beast, and others.  Seeing these characters bond made me feel for each and every one of them.  The best scenes in the film aren’t even the ones with action in them, such as a scene where Prof X is helping Magneto to develop his powers by invoking some of Magneto’s memories of his mother.  This touching moment moves both men to shed a tear and you truly feel as though that is justified.

As far as the “not so emotional” parts of the film go, there is plenty to keep you entertained.  Roaring action scenes and comedic buddy scenes are sprinkled though out so that the movie isn’t too serious and a few cameos also liven things up a bit.  While the story doesn’t follow the comics perfectly (some characters shouldn’t be around during the time of the plot) if you can look past that great action, great actors and actresses, and a great story make X-men: First Class a must see for geeks and non-geeks alike.



I liked it. Like Jesse said, the emotions run high, the action was crazy good, and the story was great. I had trashed this movie early on, I didn’t like the continuity errors and I was really critical since The Last Stand and Origins sucked so hard. I was wrong, this was great, a near perfect comic movie with everything needed to be fun and thought provoking. The characters were all great, and even though I enjoyed seeing that much of Emma Frost, I could of dealt with less Emma Frost. Kevin Bacon rocked his character though, as a conversation between Jesse and I went “Jesse: Kevin Bacon makes a creepy Nazi. Me: Kevin Bacon makes a creepy everything”

Overall I give this class a B+.

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