Brandon’s Top 8 Xbox Arcade Games

8. Splosion Man

A frantic fast paced side scroller that stars the exploding hero Splosion man. This game is for those classic side scroller fans who want just a little bit extra with their platformers.

7. Watchmen

The gameplay is ok, the graphics are ok, the thing that puts this game on my list is the story. A prequel story set during Nite Owl and Rorschach’s partnership that shows us what they were up to before their falling out, a must for any Watchmen fans.

6. Death Spank

classic hack & slash with a comedic flair. If you liked Gauntlet, you’ll love Death Spank. Plus, the sequel is called Thongs of Virtue. Not much else to say.

5. Comic Jumper

A platformer that takes place in the different genres of comics, you are Captain Smiley, who is trying to reinvent himself through these classic comic styles.

4. Vandal Hearts

I loved the original Vandal hearts, the RTS with fantasy elements are some great games, Ogre Battle and Vandal Hearts did it the best. This late sequel is freaking great, a great story and fun game play make for an awesome experience.

3. Braid

Braid is a lot like Prince of Persia and Mario’s love child. A classic platformer with time shifting aspects. The thing that separates Braid is the art and story, a beautifully done game with one of the most disturbing stories of all time.

2. Magic

A lot of people would say “What about Limbo?” I say “Never played it, sorry”, but I have played Magic and any fix a Magic freak can get is good, this game is full of fun with regular updates and new cards, it’s only weakness is the fact you can’t build your own deck.

1. Castle Crashers

I don’t think any one will argue with me when I say that this game is one of the most fun and perfect games ever created, fun by yourself and even more fun with friends, Castle Crashers has the perfect mix of action and comedy, epic story and humor, and swords and poop. A must for anyone on XBOX live.


So, no Serious Sam, no Limbo, no Trials HD. Sorry X Boxers, what is your favorite?

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