Apple App-aholics Anonymous: Hulu Plus


Name: Hulu Plus

Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Price: Free (Requires a monthly Hulu Plus subscription, $7.99)

I don’t like this app.

First, the good. Yes, it does play videos and you can add things to your queue, and change a few things with the account.

It also does this: crashes every other video, plays commercials on a constant loop, only plays the appropriate point in the video about half the time. The commercial glitch/appropriate play point go hand in hand. Compared to the netflix app, this is not very good at all. I don’t like using this, I prefer my console HuluPlus or my desktop access to it.

However, it works in a pinch on your mobile device, or your iPad and iPod if you don’t have access to it any other way at the time. If you’re already paying for Hulu Plus, it is worth having. It’s not very big and free. Now, don’t think about getting a HuluPlus subscription if you have no intention of using the subscription on a console or computer. This app absolutely does not justify the subscription price.

Hopefully the future updates will improve it.


HuluPlus-1 HuluPlus-2

HuluPlus-3 HuluPlus-4

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