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App Name: Google Music
Usage: Local and cloud music player
Price: Free







At Google I/O (read our coverage of the event here) Google debuted its new cloud music service “Google Music”.  While the cloud storage itself is invite only and in beta right now the app is available to everyone to who wants to download it.  The new Google Music app is a huge improvement over the original app that ships with Android so it’s really worth picking up.

If you want to try the Google Music beta you can go here to request an invite from Google.  If you have an invite that is when the app really starts to shine.  At the moment Google is allowing you to store your music (up to 20,000 tracks) and some free music that they will give you for trying the service and then you can play that music from any Android device with your Google account attached to it.  This allows you to store gigabytes of music without taking up any of your phones storage.  The app does cache your music as well so you can listen to tracks without an internet connection.

My only complaint about the new Google Music app is that when you install it the app doesn’t replace your current music app (I can only assume this will happen when the Google Music service is out of beta).  Go get an invite and try it out, but remember that the app is a large improvement even without the new cloud service.

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