Make Detroit Awesome Again!

It all started with a tweet, the mayor of Detroit wanted ideas for a statue to help tourism in his ailing city. One man wrote this.

This was just an innocent idea, but then this happened.

Well, if there’s anything that makes people want to do something it’s the idea of “the man” saying you can’t. The internet exploded and what followed was an awe inspiring story of people banding together. Many sites started campaigning and raising money, but then an artist stepped forward, Casey V. Westbrook who put a price tag of $50,000 to build it. In less than a week they have reached the goal and continue to raise money to make the statue even more awesome.You can help too, go to Detroit Needs Robocop and help the cause. Together we can turn this –

Back into something more like this –

This is a great cause, trying to revive one of the most important cities in America and support ing the arts, if you need more reasons watch this epic rap video.

I’ve done my part, now it’s a call to arms geeks, lets see how awesome we can get Robocop. A location has been found, but the options are still open just in case a better location opens up.

Until the remaining days for fund-raising end you can help make Detroit a better place, for more information go to and show your support.

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