Android’s Bit O’ Honey

Google has decided to bless us once again with a glimpse at the next version of the Android operating system.  Honeycomb is Android 3.0 for those of you who love version numbers like I do.  There are a large amount of changes to the core of the OS as well as some pretty major changes to the user interface of the OS.

Honeycomb is Google’s answer to a tablet OS.  I know what you’re saying, “there are already Android tablets,”  maybe, but all of the “tablets” that have Android on them are running a version of the OS that was built from the ground up to run on cellphones not tablets.

What does the new version of Android bring to the table?  I’m glad you asked.

1.  This version of Android is made for tablets – All of the previous versions of Android were built for phones, this is evident when you look at the running tasks on a B&N NookColor and see the “Cell Standby Service” task eating up your battery.  Honeycomb is built to be a tablet os.

2.  A new UI – Honeycomb looks a lot different than any of the Android versions before it.  Heavy on the 3D effects and smooth transitions, this version of Android is by far the prettiest yet.


3.  An updated browser – Honeycomb’s web browser is starting to take on some of the features of Googles other browser, Chrome.  With tabbed browsing and a new incognito mode for private browsing, Honeycombs browser is looking more like a full featured desktop browser rather than a tablet browser.


4.  A Revamped camera app – Honeycomb’s camera app uses the increased size of a tablet’s screen to put more camera controls on the screen instead of hidden in menus.


5.  Built-in Video Chat – This is a feature that I have been looking forward to ever since Android phones with front facing cameras hit the market.  I rarely use video chat on my phone but that is because it is a clunky experience.  If Android starts having video chat built into the OS I think it really could give FaceTime a run for it’s money.

There are of course quite a few more features to Google’s new Android build, however, this article is just a sneak peak at what awaits the Android loyal.

PS.  While Google said that the current version of Honeycomb was made for tablets they also said that it will be optimized for cellphones and other devices down the road.

What features did you want to see in Honeycomb.

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