Deep End Of The Pullbox : Mystic Revolution

The manga style Mystic Revolution by Jen Brazas takes place in a massive online role playing game that turns virtual reality into your reality. Where everything from wounds, hangovers and pleasure can be felt in real life. Our heroine is Lourdes, an ex-moderator who had just returned after a year long ban. She is only there a few moments before a love-crazed n00b ninj4 latches onto her and hi-jinks ensue.

Now the art isn’t the best, poor backgrounds and confusing fight scenes dominate this book. BUT a “trick-of-the-trade” when buying trades is you look at the first ten pages of the book and compare them to the last ten pages. If you see an improvement, this means that the artist is still refining their art style and will only get better in future trades. Just see one of the first pages :

Compared to the more recent ones:

More important is what made me push past those first few awkward pages, very witty and comedic dialogue between Lourdes and everyone else she encounters in the wacky world, as she tries to find out why she was banished in the first place.

Hyper cat-girls, newbies with giant swords and battling your way to the next level to pay off your virtual beer tab are plenty of reasons to buy this book. A real seek for any gamer boy or girl.

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