Drop that disc PS3 and Wii.

As of today, October 18th, the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Playstation 3 no longer have to use their respective discs to access Netflix.  When you boot your PS3 today it will have a new Netflix entry in the “Video” section of the XMB, when you click on it you will be asked to download the app and it will start.  The picture above is of the selection screen and I absolutely love it.  With the disc it was always a nuisance to have to scroll through movies one at a time in a seemingly never ending line; now the movies show up in a grid that is much easier to navigate.  The PS3 should also be getting 5.1 surround sound and 1080p playback on select movies (a first among consoles).

So if you aren’t busy, boot up your PS3 and get this little gem.  If you owns a PS3, haven’t gotten Netflix yet and have broadband then whats the wait?

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  1. You mention Wii, but not the how to on it?

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