Last One Standing: Creepy Ass Clown Edition

With Halloween halfway here it’s time to go scary. CLOWN FIGHT!

Adam MacIntyre

Origin: Dead Rising
Scariest Feature: His dual chainsaw wielding
Most Atrocious Act: Letting children die from zombie attacks
Chance of winning this fight: 6/10

Captain Spaulding
Origin: Rob Zombie’s House of a Thousand Corpses
Scariest Feature: Creepy meth teeth
Most Atrocious Act: Aided in multiple murders
Chance of winning this fight: 5/10

Homie The Clown
Origin: In Living Color
Scariest Feature: Sock full of tennis balls
Most Atrocious Act: Posing as Santa and telling kids the truth about Christmas
Chance of winning this fight: 3/10

Origin: Marvel comics
Scariest Feature: REALLY tight pants
Most Atrocious Act: REALLY tight pants
Chance of winning this fight: 6/10

Pogo The Clown
Origin: The twisted mind of John Wayne Gacy
Scariest Feature: His hefty Girth, and the fact he’s 100% real.
Most Atrocious Act: Killing at least 33 boys and young men.
Chance of winning this fight: 7/10

Origin: D.C. comics
Scariest Feature: His maniacal laughing
Most Atrocious Act: Beating Robin to death with a crowbar, torturing Commissioner Gordon, and Paralyzing Batgirl permanently.
Chance of winning this fight: 7/10

Origin: The Simpsons
Scariest Feature: Raspy smoker voice and alcohol scented breath
Most Atrocious Act: Hiring sideshow Bob, a murderous entertainer
Chance of winning this fight: 2/10

Ronald McDonald
Origin: McDonalds fast food.
Scariest Feature: He’s like 50.
Most Atrocious Act: The McGriddle
Chance of winning this fight: 1/10

Origin: Spawn Comics
Scariest Feature: Creepy obese dwarf that turns into a large horned monster.
Most Atrocious Act: Has murdered and mutilated un told numbers through his long life.
Chance of winning this fight: 10/10


Origin: Stephen Kings IT.
Scariest Feature: It’s Tim Curry!
Most Atrocious Act: Hmm, making people kill others and themselves, or just the fact he gives you balloons from the sewer.
Chance of winning this fight: 10/10

So who wins? It’s between Pennywise or Violator and since I like Tim Curry more, I’ll give it to IT.

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