Woman seduces teens with Xbox 360s

A 42-year-old California woman, married and mother of three, is being charged with 67 counts of sexual assault, including oral copulation, lewd act on a child, and exhibition of lewd material to a minor, for having sexual relations with two teen boys under the age of 15. According to the news report she gave them money, Xboxes 360s and other gifts over the course of two years.

(Midlife crisis?)

An adult in the life of one of the boys found nude pictures of the woman, Christine Shreeve Hubbs, on a cell phone and contacted the police. Upon securing a search warrant, officers found sex messages between Hubbs and each of the boys, and pictures ranging from sex acts to nude photos.

Right now she’s being held in prison with bail set at $4.3 million. Hubbs procured an attorney immediately and isn’t speaking with anyone about the charges.¬†Authorities said the boys were victimized, and that they were confused and manipulated into the relationship with the gifts Hubbs gave them.

In her hometown she is known as the “Mormon Mom” who drives a large black hummer, dresses like a teenager herself, and looks much younger than her 42-years. The two boys who came forward admitted to having sex with her in her vehicle and hotel rooms.

[Source: KTVU | HBG]

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  1. OMG!! How disgusting this is, I think I’ll go throw up now.

  2. If I was 15 I’d say “Yeah I boned her in a hotel room” that’s bragging rights

  3. I read a few different news stories on the topic and while they didn’t quote the kids directly, it pretty much comes across that they were pretty proud of the whole thing. They willingly told them all the details. Not sure their parents or the police are also proud of them for boning the immature hummer mom…

  4. Perhaps if the kids are proud of it, it’s better that they’re not quoted.

    These kinds of things just glorify gender reversal arguments that have went on for centuries.

  5. What a load of bull shit.
    Those boys ar not victims . They did it willingly and were not pressured in any way. Therefor the lady ( accused) isn’t guilty of those old stupid puritein ainciant american laws. For the parents and those boys its all a matter of getting a huge amount of easy money (gold diggin’) and nothing els than that!

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