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Wapsi Square


Paul Taylor

Started in September of 2001, still going strong in 2010, Wapsi Square is one of the best examples of webcomics that feature a variety of strong and interesting female characters.

WapsiSquareComicMost of the time the story concentrates on Monica, the busty lady in the middle panel, but considering there’s about 9 years worth of comic in the archive, she’s definitely not the only one you’ll be reading about. This is a fantasy story set in modern Minneapolis, in a world that is basically like the one we all live in, with the addition of psychics, demons… maybe a few gods.

The comic starts out with the mundane, but it doesn’t last too long. When Monica, an anthropologist working with artifacts in a museum, stumbles upon a tiny Aztec deity, the supernatural elements of the world are introduced and she finds out the not-so-great things in her childhood are linked to forgotten civilizations and the potential end of the world.

There’s comedy, drama, suspense and some sexy times. (How can you not have a few sexy times when you are Monica?) Overall, one of my favorite comics, and a great read. This isn’t one of those simple gag-a-day comics, it’s got some depth.

Well, it’s a got a lot depth. Give it a try!

Updates Monday through Friday

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