Get Fable 3 game content from a controller and a book.

Starting Oct. 5 you can spend $59.99 and play Fable 3 (coming out on Oct. 26 in the US) with a controller modeled after Albion’s crown. (The one seen on the box art.) It comes with a code to redeem an in-game tattoo that you can ink your hero with. People seem to either love or hate this design. I like it; it reminds me of chocolate caramel candies and those are delicious.

But wait! October 5 brings yet another Fable product. There’s a book, a real book, not an in-game book, featuring an original story based in the Fable universe, Fable: The Balverine Order. It comes with a code for a currently unrevealed weapon you can use in the game. Hopefully this will be better than the drivel that is The Elder Scrolls novel. It’s written by Peter David, who has plenty of experience in the literary world, including game fiction (Halo) and comics (The Incredible Hulk), so there’s a good chance it is.

It is listed for $9.99 on Amazon and is available for pre-order. I imagine that for some, it’s a $10 book, and others, it’s a $10 weapon for the game.

Product Description

The days of magic and adventure are fading away, giving way to the age of industry and science. As the aged last Hero sits upon the throne of Albion, two friends-the privileged Thomas and his loyal servant, John- set out for the East in search of a legendary beast: the vicious, rarely-seen balverine. But their desire for adventure may be their ultimate undoing-because their quarry has just found them…

Thomas and John? Boring names! This is Albion, you can be a little more creative than that. For any fan of Albion and the Fable franchise, this might be worth looking into once a chapter preview is released.

[Source: Joystiq | Amazon]

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  1. I like books, and Fable I may get this as a $5 book and a $5 weapon.

  2. I like books myself, and im prbly one of the biggest Fable fans arnd. And besides the weapon is prbly good. But i expect the book will be good too thgh.

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