Geek X 2 Movie Review: The Expendables

Okay so hears some manly math for you:

Rambo + Drago + Whiplash + President Camacho + John McClaine + The Terminator + The Transporter + …Jet Li?(sorry little guy couldn’t think of any iconic roles) + ex-heavyweight champion of UFC + Mr. Bright side + Stone Cold (or Stunning, whatever you prefer) X Guns X Explosion / Violence + Humor = The Expendables

I saw this movie with dear friend and co-worker Pen of Doom and we both loved it. We also both grew carpet like chest hair and we each have grown a new testicle. As our new more manly selves, we have decided to do a dual review of the movie in one post. Crazy, I know.

The movie starts with a ton of action and a little character building. We learn things throughout about each character and the role the play on the team. The story is a little lacking sure, but this isn’t a movie you go into hoping for an amazing story. The visuals, violence, humor and performances will keep you watching.

The CGI for the blood was a little corny, and the physics of everything was a little off, but hey, you get to see Randy Coutre vs. Steve Austin around a river of fire. Dolph Lundgren vs Jet Li was an awesome fight as well. There are a ton of classic fight scenes that I’m sure will be talked about for years to come.

The movie does have heart, not just balls. Mickey Rourke has a very heart warming and emotional speech about what all the violence has done to him on a physical and an emotional level. Stuff like this is why Rourke deserves the praise he gets as a great actor.

If your a guy or you love action then you MUST see The Expendables, it has what’s been missing in action movies for a while.

Now its the Pen’s turn:

I shaved before I went to see this movie and as soon as I walked out of the theater I had a full beard.  I am a fan of over the top fight scenes in movies and because of that The Expendables really hit home.  Let me just say this…

More than one person in this movie gets blown in half by a grenade launcher.  While I could have used some more building up of each actor’s character, I also think that having that building would have slowed down the nonstop action buffet that was The Expendables.

Normally when you watch an action movie you get one good guy that never fails and saves everyone else’s butt; this isn’t the case.  Sly has put together a great story where everyone looks out for one another. (Sly doesn’t win every fight.)

One of the highest ratings I can give a movie is saying that I would buy it on bluray and watch it multiple times… This is exactly what I am saying about The Expendables.  Don’t take your girlfriend to see it unless she likes A LOT of action, but this can defiantly make for a fun “man date” with your buddies.

Score of Doom: 8 out of 10

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  1. Jet Li was the Monkey King in The Forbidden Kingdom (a guilty pressure/pretty movie). So maybe that’s not an iconic action role, but it was an action filled role nonetheless.

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