Geek Review X 2 – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

What to say…

I never read the Scott Pilgrim comics so I went into this movie with no expectations and was literally blown away from the very beginning (literally – the Universal theme was in frickin 8-bit style).  Michael Cera has suddenly found his balls.

This movie is a two hour long love story + music video + Gamer fight scene (comedy).  Scott Pilgrim delivers when it comes to a movie that gamers will like and their girlfriends/boyfriends won’t mind either. Fight scenes are beautifully choreographed with plenty of comic book / video game touches.

Plenty of up and coming actors and actresses litter this movie with amazing acting. I can’t wait to see them in more movies. (There is a cameo that makes you laugh out loud, but its so good that I refuse to say anything about it)

If you’re a gamer or a fan of manga style comics go see Scott Pilgrim. Don’t think; just go see. If you are the girlfriend/boyfriend of a geek, take them to go see this.

PS. The soundtrack is a must have for fans of the movie… you’ll see what I mean.

The score of Doom: 8 out of 10

So now it’s my go. This movie was, in fact, Epic. The fight scenes were so over the top and crazy it made me want to see a superhero film with these kinds of choreography. Cera was a bit unrealistic as this total ass kicker, but he worked in the role for some strange, awkward reason. Much like Cera… strange and awkward.

The cast is great; everyone plays their role perfectly, especially the cameo Pen of Doom mentioned earlier (Laser Fingers). Kieran Culkin as Wallace, the cool gay room mate, made me laugh more than a dozen times. If you try to count all the pop culture references from Seinfeld music to receiving coins when you kill enemies your head will explode.

Lots of comedy, lots of love, lots of shiny,lots of music, lots of fights, and a gratuitous shot of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in her underwear. Something for everyone I’d say.

I’m afraid as a realist that this movie won’t be number one. I’m afraid it will be too strange for a wide audience, but who cares, I loved it! Go see it!

Lobo score: 8 out of 10

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