WCS: Original Life

Original Life


Jay Naylor

Going to keep this one short and simple. This webcomic is one of my guilty pleasure comics. I’m not a big fan of the anthro fandom, but I started reading Jay Naylor’s comic Better Days at a friend’s suggestion in 2006 , which came before Original Life, and it made sense to keep on reading once  Better Days ended.

Original Life follows the lives of the characters (and their kids, if they have any) that grew up in Better Days. I’m a fan of the crisp lines in the art and I’ve grown to like Naylor’s particular style of anthropomorphic characters. And it’s pretty funny, with a few geek/nerd culture references thrown in every once in a while.

Updates Monday and Friday

Page 1: Here

(Porn bonus!: There’s an adult catalogue on the site if you’re into buying furry porn.)


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