Dream Cast: Hawkman

Hawkman is an important character in the DC universe and is even favored by some over Batman or Superman. I believe a Hawkman movie would do well in theaters and this is my chosen cast and storyline for those movies.

Hawkman – Sam Worthington

Having Hawkman as more of an Indiana Jones type would be the way to portray him. Carter Hall is an archaeologist and adventurer who fights crime to protect the valuable artifacts that he has in his museum. Have him find the Nth metal tools in a crypt of the previous bearer and you could even use the whole Reincarnation idea of the Hawkman comics. Sam Worthington is definitely the guy for some great action/adventure flicks and I think his tough guy looks yet quiet demeanor will work perfectly in this “incarnation” of Hawkman

Hawkgirl – Olivia Wilde

Hawkman’s wife and crime fighting partner, she is the historian and adventurer who is also the reason Hawkman does what he does to keep the things he loves safe. Olivia Wilde has a great exotic look about her that would carry over into Hawkgirl very well.

The Shadow Thief – Michael Emerson

The Shadow thief was a two bit burglar until he found the equipment which gave him his abilities. ST’s new target is the Amulet of Northwind, an ancient jewel that is said to give the wearer the powers of the Egyptian gods. ST is not the main villain of this film just a setup character who will show us the power of Hawkman and Hawkgirl and tip off the main villains, The Royal Flush Gang. Michael Emerson is a great creepy actor who could portray the power addicted Shadow Thief very well and if there is a second movie could easily be the main villain after he sold his soul to Charon for power.

The Royal Flush Gang

King – Hugh Laurie

The Royal Flush Gang is an extremely wealthy family who commit crimes together to fund their lavish living. The father of the family is King who will one day be replaced by his son, Jack. The RFG are looking for the next big score and when Shadow Thief offers them $100,000,000 for the Amulet of Northwind they accept. Hugh Laurie can portray regal and pissed off more than any other actor I know, a perfect fit for King.

Queen – Elizabeth Hurley

Queen is the Matriarch of the RFG and a bitch; I’ve always liked the Batman Beyond version of the RFG better so that’s why I went with them. Plus, they fly around on cards. Elizabeth Hurley is still smoking hot and has the perfect attitude to play Queen.

Jack – Bradley James

Jack is a spoiled brat and a formidable opponent. Jack believes he is entitled to whatever he wants because he was born into the RFG when his father was still Jack of that incarnation. Bradley James hasn’t done much in the states, but I believe he can do the spoiled super brat very well.

Ten – Kiera Knightly

Ten is the youngest member and still not sure if she wants to be a thief. Constant pressure from her parents make her stressed and unreliable during heists, stealing the amulet is a test for her and she feels she must accomplish it. Kiera Knightly plays strong women very well, but she has a sense of class about her that works perfectly for the privileged daughter of the RFG.

Ace – Roland Kickinger

The mute Ace is just muscle, he has never let down his parents and is rarely seen without his mask on. During a robbery gone wrong while he was a child, training to become the new Jack, he was severely hurt causing him to be disfigured and mute. Queen and King treat Ace like hired help even though it’s their first son, knowing that their second son was the one who caused the accident so he could be Jack. Roland Kickinger has the body to portray the hulking Ace.

What do you think? This is my Hawkman cast and storyline.

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