Wardrobe Change

Is it good, bad or ugly?

You tell us.

You might notice a few changes as the site settles into its new look, but it won’t be anything drastic. (Not as drastic as this, anyway.)

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  1. I like it and being a founding member of this beautiful site, while technically doing none of the design work, I will take credit.

    Your welcome.

    Also While on the subject of redesign I am wondering, What do you want to hear more of or less of in our posts and Podcasts?

  2. when you select writers, contact us, or contribute it turns black which you cannot see.
    I like the older articles having the thumbnails it’s more appealing to me eyes
    The forum needs to be similar colers I think, or get rid of the wierd atomic symbol in place of an 8
    needs a splash of color
    Why does wcs show up randomly I like the posts but they are not every sunday
    you need daily articles, even if its only one a day.
    I know im not a writer but these are changes I would like to see as a constant reader.

  3. we are working on the daily article thing and thanks for your feedback it’s helpful

  4. WCS shows up randomly because I’m horrible.

    The forum: You can change the color settings by going to the Board Preferences, which is in the User Control Panel. There are three color sets – AcidTech (the black one with the giant symbol) is the default. I use one of the silver/white ones, but there’s still a big phpBB graphic on the side. I think it’s less distracting and prefer lighter-colored layouts for forums anyway.

    I’m not sure about the black out over the links. This layout prevents me from having a dropdown sub-menu with the links, so they go directly to another page with links, which is the case with the writers page. (I tested out the new layout in IE, Safari and Chrome and didn’t get that problem. Maybe send me a screenshot of it in the future?)

  5. We need to create the right categories, monthly or weekly articles should get their own category that way fans of those recurring articles can find them easier.

  6. All monthly and weekly articles can be seen (in a list) by clicking on “Feature.” They are all labeled under a category that uses feature as a parent, or are filed as features, so they get pulled up all at once, organized by date–newest to oldest. The dream casts, lists, wcs, last one standing, etc, all show up using that method.

    Which of course is completely changeable and can be made to be clearer later on, when the wordpress section of my brain isn’t mush.

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