Geekly Forecast: The Other Guys and Middle Men

This Weekend is going to be tough, The Other Guys seems like a good comedy, but it’s competing with Dinner for Schmucks which looks fantastic. Middle Men follows some of the first online porn moguls through their journey to fortune. Mostly a drama, it’s competing with the unbeatable Inception.

The premise for The Other Guys is as followed: New York City cop Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) is a forensic accountant who loves paperwork and hates fieldwork. Detective Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg)is a tough cop who has been stuck working with Gamble ever since a mistaken shooting. They constantly try to impress top cops Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson) and Danson (Dwayne Johnson). Gamble and Hoitz get a chance to redeem themselves and hilarity ensues. Directed by Adam McKay, who brought us some of the best comedies ever.

What I worry about is this movie being forgotten about like Cop Out, a similar buddy cop comedy. This one has Michael Keaton as the Cheif though, so maybe I’ll enjoy the side characters as much as I enjoy Ferrell and Wahlberg. This movie should do fine, beating out Salt and Despicable Me, but losing to Dinner for Schmucks and, of course, Inception.

The trailer does a good job at setting up the characters and poster is original and funny, with it’s spoof on the flying gun shot view we see way too often.

Let’s learn about porn with Luke Wilson.

So, what’s Middle Men all about? Let’s ask Wiki.

In 1995, straight-and-narrow businessman Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) who founds the first online billing company dealing exclusively with adult entertainment, finds himself in the middle of a whirlwind filled with starlets, con men, Russian mobsters, federal agents, and international terrorists. Caught between a porn star and the FBI, Harris learns that even becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of his generation may not be enough to keep him out of trouble. It is based on the experiences of producer Christopher Mallick.

Hmm, this movie has Giovanni Ribisi, Gabriel Macht, and James Caan! Cameos by Terry Crews and Kelsey Grammer! This sounds great and it’s all about online porn. Who doesn’t appreciate a good true story to inspire. Unfortunately, this movie will do bad. It may be a top 10 for the weekend, but very little advertising and no hype make this a hard sell.

The trailer makes it look interesting and borrows a lot from other true story movies such as The Social Network. The poster isn’t very original, but it definitely sells the movie for what it is: a movie about the behind the scenes adventures in porn.

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