Save Carmine! Or must he die?

SaveCarmineBanner Starting July 29, Epic and Microsoft are giving gamers and fans a chance to decide the fate of one Clayton Carmine in the upcoming Gears of War 3 (out April 5, 2011).  They’ll be selling the above shirts in real life at the NECA booth at Comic-Con and on XBox Live for the avatars.

Votes for Carmine to live, and for his family to be grateful they don’t have to pay for another funeral, are attached to the “Save Carmine” shirt. Votes for Carmine to die (in a humiliating way, probably) are attached to the “Carmine Must Die” shirt. All proceeds from the shirts go to the charity Child’s Play.

Do you want Clayton to join Anthony and Ben in Carmine Heaven, or is Clayton the one that finally makes it to the end of a game without getting his head blown off? I know my vote. (Oh, by the way, my XBox Live tag is TiniestCarmine. If you would like to see my ridiculous game history, look me up!)

Look at the beefiest Carmine the family has to offer (so far) below.




[Top Image: | Screenshots: Joystiq | Source: Joystiq, VG247]

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  1. I say let him live kill a main character instead.

  2. They killed a sort-of-main character last game and that was a big no-no for most of the fans. It was sad. My vote: Save Carmine! And save everyone else for a change.

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