Kinect will be $149.99 and include a game

Kinect price

Microsoft confirmed today that the Kinect price is officially $149.99 (US). This really isn’t a surprise since this is the price most online and store retailers have been using in for pre-orders. What’s more new here is the fact that a game will definitely come with the sensor, Kinect Adventures.

Also available in stores, there will be a $199.99 4GB XBox 360 slim model that comes with Wi-Fi N and has the ability to use USB flash drives to store memory out of the box. For the upcoming holiday season, there will be a 4GB bundle that includes a console, Kinect and Kinect Adventures for $299.99.

And there you go, folks! Does the Kinect sensor kinda look like the ninja version of Wall-E to anyone else? Hmm.

[Source: MTV]

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