The New Google Search Results: Noooo!


If you haven’t gotten them yet, you’re lucky. Google has slowly been rolling out the programming for its new search engine results pages. There is a new menu on the left side that allows you to more easily sort through your results, using the categories they are providing.

Welcome to Bing 2.0

Gone are the days of my simple and clean search results. Gone are the days of my search results page free of unnecessary left-side menus. Gone are the days of the slightly less saturated colors of the Google logo.

Oh, there was that too. The colors of the Google logo have been slightly brightened, to make it look more modern or something—which I got from some article I skipped through yesterday.


There have also been a few changes when it comes to looking up the definition of words. (C’mon, I’m not the only one that types a word into Google to make sure it’s spelled properly, or to get its meaning.) It’s not quite as convenient, but still works.

I’m hoping Google decides to go back to its original layout, but I’m not too optimistic. In my mind, this is a stinker. Google has been rolling out a few of those lately, most notably, that Buzz thing that I disabled right away. I know it’s a big company, and it has a lot of employees, but maybe they’re taking on too much? Google used to be Quality, now it’s more or less becoming Quantity.

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  1. This is so disappointing, Google search just isn’t the same anymore!

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