Last One Standing: Cinco De Mayo Edition

I pit Latino heroes and villains against each other to decide who gets first whack at the pinata in this very special Cinco De Mayo edition of last one standing.

Bumble Bee Man- The Simpsons costumed Latino is in deep trouble with his clumsy nature.

Vega- The Street Fighter who was once a bull fighter will use his wolverine-esque weapon in this super fight

Bane- The man who “broke” Batman is super strong, but will his super steroids help him in this fight to the death

Zorro- will the sword fighting peoples hero carve a Z into the losers

King- Tekkens Luchadore wears a jaguars head as a mask, is this enough to scare his opponents

Puss and Boots- Shreks swashbuckling feline may be small, but he makes up for it with speed and charisma

Armadillo- The hard shelled super wrestler from Marvel comics rounds off hte list

Who wins? After some debate we’ve established that Bumble Bee Man goes down fast, followed by a defeated Vega, After King and Armadillo beat each other into submission it leaves Puss, Zorro, and Bane with a flick of the wrist either of the swordsmen could sever Banes Venom leaving Puss VS Zorro, after a long sword fight Antonio Banderas wins! J/J we gave it to Zorro, the fox beats the cat.

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  1. Actually that would be a draw between Puss n’ Boots and Zoro, cause Antonio Banderas is both those characters. Given the fact that one character is physically Banderas and the other character is just the voice acting of Banderas. Then maybe you could say the physical Banderas character wins..

  2. Victor Von Doom


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